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"Meherrin is a thrilling, suspenseful and heart wrenching novella. It'll keep you at the edge of your seat and constantly wanting more. This story is not just entertaining but also educationaI. Get ready for a comical, painful yet loving masterpiece!! Yes! this book has all the ingredients to make a perfect murder mystery. I would recommend anybody to read this novella ages 14 and up and am looking forward to reading the next journey." -Kourtney B., 5 stars Amazon Review



"Meherrin and the Murder Mystery of Jason Blackwell is the perfect read for young adults. It delivers a message like a successful book to movie. You will be left waiting for more books by Lacey T." -Alice C., 5 stars Amazon Review



"I bought this book for my teenage son who really doesn't like to read. He actually finished this book in two days!!! Will definitely be purchasing more if the author does a series." -Theresa A., 5 stars Amazon Review

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Meherrin Mystery Series